Apologies For The Radio Silence 3

Apologies For The Radio Silence
I’ve been trying to figure out how the hell the next 2-3 years of my life as an academic are going to work. The process has led to the creation of this ridiculous flowchart: Click to enlarge. Or really, don’t. Even shrinky-dinked, you get a nice little taste of the clusterfuckyness.

A Short Summary of The Last Four and Next Three Weeks

I made the absolute rightest decision I have ever made when I decided that I need to get out of show business.

Catchphrase! 2

Next year’s Oscar winner, courtesy of Cracked.com:

An Entirely Appropriate Response

You know those tone-deaf ads for Leno returning to 11:35 set to the Beatles’ “Get Back”? Someone put together a version with a much more apt song choice: Genius. As the Onion AV Club said, Great Job, Internet!

Good News 1

A little job came through – two and a half weeks of work on a pilot presentation (basically, a dirt-cheap pilot), starting Monday. Normally this wouldn’t be terribly exciting, but it’s actually union work for once, so this job means a couple of things. Most importantly, because it’s union and because of the way the ...

So You Want To Move Your Comments From Haloscan To Blogger… 23

Warning to regular readers of this blog: SEVERE Nerd Alert. A lot of folks I know who started their blogs out on Blogger have used HaloScan for commenting since before Blogger implemented comments. Since HaloScan is shutting down in the next few days, you’d think you might want to move all your old comments to ...

Zombie Comments

Thanks to Haloscan’s decision to shut down, I’ve finally been able to get all my comments out of their system for free. Took a lot of tweaking my old Blogger stuff and a bunch of help from this awesome Haloscan on Blogger > WordPress script and its author, but I managed to get 1413 of ...

A Little Bike Ride 3

I went for a bike ride this afternoon, partly because my cheapo necklace finally broke and I needed to buy a replacement. Fortunately replacements are 2 for $10 at Venice Beach. I actually dragged my giant camera with me this time because it’s been pouring rain and a lot of the usual pollution and gunk ...

In Which I Attempt To Blame My Laziness On The Cat 2

I’ve gotten into something of a winter funk. It started out with the aforementioned really awesome stomach bug that left my innards out of sorts and me curled up in pain for a week, and continued into a solid week of pouring rain in LA. Rain in L.A. somehow seems much more depressing and draining ...

More Entertaining Than The Girl From Ipanema

I’ve come down with a truly delightful stomach bug, so my ability to do pretty much anything beyond what I absolutely have to do is somewhat restrained. Normally I’d have something much longer about the whole Jaypocalypse/Conandrum fiasco playing out in slow motion on NBC, but to be frank, I really don’t have the energy ...