Good News 1

A little job came through – two and a half weeks of work on a pilot presentation (basically, a dirt-cheap pilot), starting Monday. Normally this wouldn’t be terribly exciting, but it’s actually union work for once, so this job means a couple of things.

Most importantly, because it’s union and because of the way the health insurance works in my union, it’s just enough hours to let me keep my union health insurance through the end of the year, which will save me a whole pile of money over COBRA.

Almost as importantly, it’s getting me the hell out of the house. I needed something to forcibly break me out of my current cycle of reading everything on the internet then watching everything on television and then going back and reading whatever got posted on the internet while I was watching TV, and this should do nicely.

If I intended to stay in showbiz, I’d be excited for a chance at making a good impression on a new set of contacts, but at this point I’m just happy to be able to have in-person conversations with other humans that do not include the words “Thanks for coming to 24 Hour Fitness!” more than a couple times a week.

And hey, it’s more money than unemployment. Woo!

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  1. Reply Patrick Feb 19,2010 4:37 am

    Congrats! Also, thanks for coming to 24 Hour Fitness.

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