Bridge Over Bottled WaterIn 1999, I put out a little album using a 4 track tape recorder and what was, to that point, my life savings: Bridge Over Bottled Water.

Once upon a time, I had stories up on the site for each of these – I’ve since removed the stories since most of them boiled down to, “I was somewhere between thirteen and seventeen when I wrote all of these songs.”

I’m still proud of what I produced back in the day, but it’s time for me to let the lyrics stand (mostly) on their own. The full track listing, with links to the full lyrics:

1. First Things First
2. You Can’t Surprise Me
3. Sunflowers
4. Andy Warhol Was Wrong
5. All The Way Up
6. Poor Little Rich Girl
7. Addict
8. Stupid Things
9. I Can’t Save The Day
10. The Man
11. Where I’ve Been
12. Bitching About The Heat
13. Monday Morning
14. Wake Up
15. Four More Days
16. The Next Time I Fall (feat. Laura-Anne Minkoff)
17. Chasing After The Sunset

Listen To (Or Even Buy) The Album!

I’ve still got a few physical copies of it lying around for those who want to go retro (and you can use the contact form if that’s how you like to roll), but if you like your music digital like all the hip, with it kids these days, you’ve got a couple options:

  • If you prefer to stream your music or would like to Try Before You Buy, you can hit up Spotify or Rdio.
  • If you enjoy paying cash money for music you enjoy, your two easiest ways to grab a copy is via either via the iTunes Music store and at the Amazon MP3 Store for less than ten bucks.