Thank You For Holding

A few brief snippets from the last couple weeks: I can ski! I briefly tried to ski six months after I hurt my ankle and was in such intense, stabbing pain I had to come down after two runs. I hadn’t skied since I had the surgery to fix my ankle almost four years ago, ...

A Quick Suggestion

Do not try to move, relearn trigonometry, and begin to learn calculus in the space of two weeks (not necessarily in that order). You are just asking for trouble.

Always A Good Sign 1

Clearly, I’m ready to start school  next week with the goal of getting a Masters’ in Computer Science when I failed so hard at researching my new monitor/TV combo for the bedroom that I ordered one that can’t be controlled by a goddamn remote. I took one guy’s statement in a review about being able ...

Apologies For The Radio Silence 3

Apologies For The Radio Silence
I’ve been trying to figure out how the hell the next 2-3 years of my life as an academic are going to work. The process has led to the creation of this ridiculous flowchart: Click to enlarge. Or really, don’t. Even shrinky-dinked, you get a nice little taste of the clusterfuckyness.