Catchphrase! 2

Next year’s Oscar winner, courtesy of

Happy Thanksgiving

Sadly, NBC has C&D’d every copy of my very favorite Thanksgiving video off the interwebs (the Sarah McLachlan/Ana Gasteyer duet “Basted in Blood,” which you can listen to here until the lawyers get to it). This, however, is a great substitute. Sadly, the video quality is not great, but this entire sequence from Addams Family ...

And Now For Something Completely Different 1

I’m up to my eyeballs in studying for the GRE – I take it Wednesday and I think I’m close to running through every goddamn GRE math prep question on the internet. So, in lieu of an actual post, please enjoy this TV/Movies mashup Casey found that kind of melted my brain: I’ll probably have ...

Would You Like To Buy A Trailer? 3

If you would, I encourage you to buy it from this dude, because his commercial is fucking awesome. via Gawker.

Chaplin vs. Oz Season 4, Disc 3 3

After a nice long bike ride (that boat is still there, by the way, just covered in graffiti), I came home and decided to watch a DVD of Oz that I have out from Netflix. There’s a little CGI fly that flies in and out of the frame on the episode selection menu. Chaplin hopped ...

It Never Rains In Southern California

But when it does, Conan O’Brien shows a pretty close approximation of what happens next: Hat tip: LAist.

A Breath Of Fresh[er] Air

A quick trip to Denver for a family wedding seems to have cleared out my lungs pretty well, and the progress that’s been made in terms of getting the fire contained and directed away from LA proper seems to have done the trick in stopping the series of asthma attacks I was having last week. ...

And Now, Some Hypnotic Waves

I rode my bike roughly 86 miles between Wednesday’s 46 mile ride and Saturday’s 40 mile ride. Saturday also featured some ridiculously high surf. Click the link to See my ever-so-fun iPhone video of it (still trying to figure out a way to do embeddable flash without sticking it on YouTube Edit: Aha! Flickr does ...

There Can Only Be One

I worked a 16 hour day and it broke my brain, so instead of anything coherent, please enjoy this video of a kitten pile on a Roomba: iRobot really needs to adapt my name for the Roomba as their slogan: The World’s Most Expensive Cat Toy. via Cute Overload.

Weekend Randomness

Things are still batty at work, but at least I have a whole weekend this weekend. I have taken advantage of it by sleeping an enormous amount and swimming 3km this morning. So, in the continuing spirit of not really feeling like doing anything of substance, I present some weekend randomness. First, a video from ...