I Would Like You To Do Me A Personal Favor 1

I’m gay. To anyone who has met me and heard me open my mouth, this should not come as a shock, or even a faint surprise. The only ways in which I am not a walking lesbian stereotype are that a) I do not have a faux-hawk and b) I am comically terrible at softball ...


“rosa parks sat, so that martin luther king jr. could walk, martin luther king jr. walked, so that barack obama could run. barack obama ran, so we could fly” -The mural currently up on a building I drive by every morning on my way to work. As much of a cynic as I am, and ...

What Do We Want? Repetitive Chants! Equal Rights! When Do We Want Them? NOW! 2

Sarcasm briefly aside, it was really nice to see the huge turnout (estimated by the cops at 12k, but really, looking at this picture, I think it’s a lot closer to their original estimate of 40k) at the big pro-gay-rights rally today, and some of the speakers were really great. The head of the local ...

What’s Left To Be Said

I am (surprise!) really exhausted and overworked, but I wanted to say something more about Prop. 8 and the ongoing legal and PR battle over gay marriage in California. The thing that offends me the most, absolutely the most, about the reaction to legal challenges to the validity of Proposition 8, is the reaction I ...

We’ve Come A Long Way, With A Ways To Go 3

Last night was like the end of a marathon. The elation and ecstatic reaction after Obama finally won the Presidency was surreal, like crossing the finish line first when you barely thought you had a chance. And then, watching Prop 8 pass was like having someone walk up to that same theoretical marathoner and punching ...

Fun With Contextual Advertising 1

Fun With Contextual Advertising
The L.A. Times ran a brilliant editorial today, picking off one by one the arguments for Proposition 8, which seeks to amend the California state constitution to ban gay marriage. However, they should probably consider turning off their context-based advertising on their editorials. Because with contextual advertising, you end up with screenshots like this (click ...

Reassurance for Liberals 1

Reassurance for Liberals
Someone at my office showed me this, and being a liberal who’s wondering how exactly we’re going to fuck this election up, I find it oddly reassuring:

Oh, Snap! 1

The Daily Show’s research team truly outdid themselves last night, digging up some awesome double-talk about the Palin nomination. Take it away, kids:

And You Thought You Were Immature 1

I see your giggling at inappropriate Olympic medalist names and raise you my hysterical laughter at Barack Obama’s Inconvenient Snorkel. Hat tip to TWoP co-founder Tara Ariano‘s blog.