I’m Coming Home Via Chicago 1

Thanks to my friend Mark for showing me this awesome Wilco cover. Unlike the original, this works really well for good news. I’ve been looking for a job in San Francisco very hard for the last couple months since I got up here. I’ve had nibbles, I’ve had bites. And then, I had the events ...

And Now For Something Completely Different 1

I’m up to my eyeballs in studying for the GRE – I take it Wednesday and I think I’m close to running through every goddamn GRE math prep question on the internet. So, in lieu of an actual post, please enjoy this TV/Movies mashup Casey found that kind of melted my brain: I’ll probably have ...

Would You Like To Buy A Trailer? 3

If you would, I encourage you to buy it from this dude, because his commercial is fucking awesome. via Gawker.

The Inevitable Comes To Pass

Having scraped change out of the couch, sold off my possessions on eBay, and been given some extremely well-timed birthday gifts of cash money, I finally broke down and bought an iPhone. Part of me wanted to wait until I got an actual job, but the Sprint network in my neighborhood was crapping out so ...

Netflix + TiVo Update 1

In an update to my earlier post, now that I’ve tried it out….I am DEFINITELY never leaving the house again.

Why I Wish I Was A Cartoon Voice-Over Artist

Because then I’d get to participate in unbelievably awesome stuff like this, from the voices behind Spongebob Squarepants: via Dave Barry’s blog and BoingBoing.

The Best New Show on Television

Almost a month into the season, I can now declare an official winner: Pushing Daisies. I’d absolutely loved the first two episodes, with their bizarre hyper-techincolor acid trip set design, extremely strong acting, and cute (but without crossing the fine line into too cute) stories. I was worried, however, because both episodes were directed by ...

Just Call Me Jack Sparrow

I really want to find out if this awesome contraption is actually a viable alternative to crutches. Because if it is, I’m totally getting one if I have to have surgery. If I do, I’m totally reusing it at Halloween and being a pirate. Arrr!