I haven’t actually managed to make New Year’s Resolutions in a couple of years. I was so tied up in Chaplin being sick last year that all I could manage to get out was this post, a sentiment I’m tempted to share again this year. For some reason, though, I’m not as angry. Probably helps ...

Happy Holidays!

And now, in honor of the holidays, a slideshow of some of my (heavily, heavily cropped due to all the cars coming through) photos from the LA DWP’s Light Festival: Get the flash player here: Full sizes of everything can be found at Flickr – I realize some of the cropping doesn’t make for ...

Happy Thanksgiving

Sadly, NBC has C&D’d every copy of my very favorite Thanksgiving video off the interwebs (the Sarah McLachlan/Ana Gasteyer duet “Basted in Blood,” which you can listen to here until the lawyers get to it). This, however, is a great substitute. Sadly, the video quality is not great, but this entire sequence from Addams Family ...

Happy Halloween! 6

The silliness that the flu can inspire: More of this goofiness available at Flickr.

Happy 4th

Dear 2008 1

Get out, and don’t you even think about coming back, you vile, stupid, wretched, awful year. To a better 2009, and the setting of a very low bar.

Happy Thanksgiving

This year, I’m thankful for: My job, because it’s nice to have a job I like, let alone any job whatsoever after spending a third of the year unemployed My family for being understanding about me not schlepping my ass to the East Coast for a whopping two days of family time. My friends, for ...

Well, That’s Just Ducky 3

I don’t know if it’s been reading about the potential SAG strike or the fact that we’re going to have a double-unit Monday to welcome us back from Thanksgiving, but apparently my problem of grinding my teeth has gotten a bit worse. And by “a bit worse” I mean, goddamn, the tendons in my jaw ...

Fun With Screencaps

This amusing headline on the CNN website was pointed out to me by Joel earlier today:

Happy 4th of July!

While you are barbecuing various items and drinking yourself silly, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (and whoever cut the CPSC’s video to the soundtrack) would like to remind you to use care with your fireworks this year: [youtube=] Hat tip: Consumerist.