Weekend Randomness

Things are still batty at work, but at least I have a whole weekend this weekend. I have taken advantage of it by sleeping an enormous amount and swimming 3km this morning.

So, in the continuing spirit of not really feeling like doing anything of substance, I present some weekend randomness.

First, a video from the Chicago NBC station that is quite possibly the most hilarious “bored interns with animation software run amok” bit I’ve ever seen:

Then there’s this New York Times article about hilariously inappropraite place names in Britain. I really want to purchase a t-shirt of that map they have of numerous places in Britain with such names.

And last but not least, the show I’ve been working on since September premieres tomorrow night after the Closer, so check your local listings for what time that is in your area – note that on the West Coast TNT’s HD feed is still on Eastern time. Please watch, especially if you’re, say, a Nielsen household. :)

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