There Can Only Be One

I worked a 16 hour day and it broke my brain, so instead of anything coherent, please enjoy this video of a kitten pile on a Roomba: iRobot really needs to adapt my name for the Roomba as their slogan: The World’s Most Expensive Cat Toy. via Cute Overload.

Me vs. Electronics

ROUND 1: ME vs APPLE The pins on my ethernet port are all bent out of shape, so I head over to the Apple store to see if they could replace the port. They take one look at it and tell me I’ll have to mail it in. So I go back to the office ...

The World’s Most Expensive Cat Toy 1

It is here. It has to charge for sixteen freakin’ hours before I can use it to entertain Chaplin, so the full report will have to wait until tomorrow night. However: I am fucking giddy about trying this out. I own a robot! This is the coolest thing ever.

A Modest Proposal 1

I was describing my ongoing troubles with Chaplin to my mom, and she mentioned that when her old cat was acting up, the vet suggested she try and interact and play with him more. I said, well, that’s all well and good, but I’m out of the house about fifteen hours a day most days, ...