Sliced and Diced 3

Surgery went well, the most painful part of it being getting up at 5am to be at the surgery center at quarter to six. Mercifully, since they just sedated me instead of using full anesthesia, I was out of the surgery center by 9am.

The doctor found that the accessory navicular bone that he was taking out was badly tangled up in my posterior tibial tendon, a complication that he said he’d never seen in 30+ years of being a foot surgeon.

It kind of sucks, because it means the three weeks in a cast I spent hoping it would heal on its own were even more futile than I initially thought.

However, the screwy situation didn’t show up on either MRI, so I suppose there’s nothing the Doc could have done different, and you always want to avoid surgery if you can.

However, the good news is that such an oddity a) provides an explanation for why it hurt so much for so long and b) makes me more hopeful that this will, in fact, be a permanent fix.

That permanent fix, my friends, is all I really wanted for my birthday.

3 thoughts on “Sliced and Diced

  1. Reply David Weigel Jun 8,2007 7:36 pm

    I’m glad. And I can’t believe I forgot to wish you luck early this week. Good, uh, luck!

  2. Reply Patrick Jun 9,2007 6:47 pm


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