Miscellaneous Etc. 2

A few odds and ends before I disappear into Foot Surgery Land tomorrow:

– Disgusting double-entendre of the day.

CBS resurrected Jericho, which makes me happy because I enjoyed how insanely ridiculous that show was. I was not enough of a fan to send unsolicited tons of peanuts to CBS, but still, it’s nice to know the show will live to create even more egregious plot holes.

– Mom’s here to help me out with the first couple post-surgical days when I’ll be doped to the gills, which will be helpful. However, mom snores REALLY loud. I’d forgotten about that.

– I have to be at the surgery center tomorrow at 5:45am, so I’m getting up at 5. Between mom snoring and Chaplin yowling, I don’t think they’re even going to have to give me a sedative to get me back to sleep.

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  1. Reply Laz Jun 7,2007 4:55 pm

    Good luck with the surgery, and I hope you still manage to have a happy drug-addled birthday. 😛

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