Photo Phun Galore!

So I’ve been super, super busy, but I finally managed to get my pictures of my trip to DC in May up. Highlights include a random visit to the Zoo when I was wandering around town, Mount Vernon, a Nats game, and the Udvar-Hazy center out by Dulles, which is fucking awesome and full of totally neat-o planes and spaceships.

Direct Flickr link here, slideshow #1 below (Note, there are a bunch of adorable videos – you can tell they’re the videos because they only have titles, not notes – of pandas chowing down on bamboo that don’t play through the slideshow, click on the thing that says “link” to be taken directly to the Flickr page to view):

Get the flash player here:

And then as a special bonus, Direct Flickr link and slideshow #2, of a hike I went on with my dad and Ray Ann out in Idaho this past weekend:

Get the flash player here:

More photos to come in the next few days – I’m still plowing through the photos I finally got off my SD card from my recent trip to SF to prep for my move. Way more to come on that.

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