I’ve become quite bad at keeping this updated lately. A few things I have done since my last post:

– Officially finished my last class at UCLA Extension. I got my certificate at the end of last quarter, but I took a “just-in-case” class since they weren’t being terribly clear on whether I’d officially get the certificate until it showed up in the mail.

– Wrote most of my first iPhone application, which I’m hoping to submit for approval by the end of the week. Will hopefully have a self-pimpin’ post on this when it goes up on the App Store.

– Turned 30, felt old for a bit, then felt like this could be the start of a better decade than my 20s, which all in all, were a little nuts.

– Applied for individual health insurance and gone off on multiple rants about the atrocious state of the American medical system to several annoyed insurance brokers, who can’t really do anything about it.

– Tried to figure out what the hell I’m going to be doing, employment-wise. Still working on this.

– Deciding to move in August when my roommate shacks up with her boyfriend. Where am I moving? That’s an excellent question, which will largely depend on my employment situation. Signs are currently pointing heavily to San Francisco, based simply on the amount of opportunity there, but still officially TBD.

So, how have you been?

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