When Computer Geeks Try To Hand-Write Things

I read about a website called YourFonts, which will let you make a free TrueType font out of your own handwriting. I thought, that sounds kind of fun, and maybe I can make something that will actually make my handwriting legible. Here are the results: Yep, that worked out well.

Things, Divided 1

Still just buried in work as we try to get our footing, but a few quick: THINGS I LIKE – This American Life’s podcast this week, aptly titled “Another Frightening Show About The Economy.” You can download it for free from that page for the rest of the week, and it’s a much, much clearer ...


Two quick things since I’m neck deep in trying to get everyone up and running for shooting to start the day after tomorrow: 1. Someone needs to tell these damn kids that National Coming Out Day is October 11th, not September 23rd. 2. And now for a wee game of What’s Wrong With This Screenshot, ...

Deep Thoughts

Sorry to stick y’all with another bullet-pointed post, but these things happen when you’re broke and unemployed and not doing much: Went sea kayaking with my friend Lisa this morning, which was great fun. We paddled at least 2-3 miles up the coast from the Malibu pier, and it was a really gorgeous day for ...

Bullet Pointy Fun 1

Nothing major, so it’s time for some bullet points! Tropic Thunder is fucking hilarious. I’m glad I went and saw it, although I’m not glad that my current financial situation dictates that I get one night out approximately every two weeks. The Olympics being on a tape delay to the West Coast is fuckin’ weak. ...

Time Is On My Side 2

Well, it only took a month, but I’ve now corrected the times on all 1890 posts that came over from Blogger. I need a hobby.

Miscellany From The Last Day of Shooting 4

A few bits of errata, Laz style: — Because we were on a Wednesday-Sunday shooting schedule, I had taken to calling each day “Fake ____”. Like Wednesday was Fake Monday, Thursday was Fake Tuesday, Friday was Fake Wednesday. Today, the last day I have to deal with this shift, I found a flaw in my ...

Not Dead

Just not doing anything terribly interesting, and have had a serious drop in motivation this week. After working for a couple weeks, to go back to doing nothing is awfully frustrating. I will note a few random things I’ve noticed in the last few days: – Chaplin falling asleep on my chest means I will, ...

Spam Subject Line Of The Week

Made it through my web server’s spam filter, so I got it on my crackberry (although it did get caught by my mail program’s spam filter): Vacuum Carrot Elephant Meteor Backpack There’s something eloquent in the utter randomness.

Thank You, PDT 2

My god, it is so much easier to drag my ass to the gym when it’s at least a little light out.