A few small pieces of flotsam and jetsam, Krazy-glued together into one for your convenience.

1. Doc’s taking off the cast tomorrow, so I find out if (*cough cough* when *cough cough cough*) I need surgery. At least I’ll finally be able to scratch this itch on the outside of my leg that’s been driving me nuts for days.

2. I really have got to figure out why my apartment heats up faster than my damn oven. I’m trying some heat control window film (if I can figure out how to get it on there) on the giant front window to see if that helps, but if it’s getting to be 80 inside when it’s not even 70 outside? I’m fucked when it’s 100 outside.

3. That guitar at the end of the episode that aired tonight? I have been lusting over that exact guitar for six years. I almost bought one when it was cheaper, but then I had to replace my car’s entire exhaust system, and away went my guitar fund. When they took that sucker out of the box, I was green with envy. When it was played by a talented guitarist, I was even more jealous, because it sounds fucking amazing. The prop department has put me On Notice that if it goes missing, they’re coming after me. Probably prudent of them.

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