You Knew This Was Coming 1

It’s official: I need surgery. Sometime next week, not sure when yet. Whee!

It’s pretty insane how much my left leg atrophied over three weeks. It really looks like it’s from a different person, particularly when compared to my right leg which has been carting my fat ass around all this time.

I’d post pictures but a) the pictures don’t really capture the difference and b) my leg still looks pretty hideous given that it was imprisoned for weeks.

The small solace is that I can at least hobble in the boot until the surgery. The pegleg will sit to the side, since I’ll need it for another 3 weeks after the surgery. But for now: Hobbling.

The leg hurts like a motherfucker (I’m sure all the muscular atrophy isn’t helping matters there), and I’m still supposed to keep it elevated pretty much all the time, but at least I can take out the trash now.


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