Wow, There ARE Mountains Here! 2

I was driving to meet a friend for brunch yesterday and saw a very unusual and rather breathtaking sight: The mountains behind Los Angeles, covered in snow, clear as a bell.

Here’s an awesome picture of, basically, what I saw, (with a hat tip to LAist for pointing it out). Looks like that was taken a little later in the afternoon when some of the smog and clouds had started to return.

Given that this was the view of downtown from Mt. Hollywood just a couple weeks ago, (you’ll note that you can’t actually, you know, see downtown) I’d call yesterday’s weather a substantial improvement.

I will say, as ugly and dopey as this city can be, when the smog clears up, it’s really, really gorgeous here.

2 thoughts on “Wow, There ARE Mountains Here!

  1. Reply Laz Jan 28,2008 4:46 am

    Wow. I had no idea L.A. had mountains that close. That looks like Vancouver or something.

  2. Reply Ellen Jan 28,2008 4:54 am

    Yeah, neither did I, and I fucking LIVE here.

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