For A Guy With No Legs, He Kicks A Lot Of Ass

An aside huzzah: I now have a replacement replacement computer. Let’s see if this one works for more than a day.

I was catching up with Fark links for the last day when I came across a fascinating story about a man with no legs who surreptitiously took pictures of everyone who stared at him as he wheeled around the world on his skateboard.

Kevin Connoly’s site is a little flash-heavy, but it has some of the best pictures from his exhibition. It’s definitely worth a look, and you can see what he means about getting the same look all over the world.

His site also leads to a story with a really interesting video about the project and his life in general.

I don’t have much more to add beyond that at the moment, but I was so captivated by this guy’s story and project that I felt I ought to share.

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