Waiting For A Phone Call From The Fat Lady

So as you may have heard, the strike seems to be just about over. Official voting will finish Tuesday night, and if all goes well, the writers will be back to work Wednesday.

What that means for me personally is a bit unclear. Seeing as how it’s about 10pm and I haven’t gotten a phone call from my ex-employers yet, I’m under the impression that I at least won’t be working tomorrow.

All I know is, even if that phone call for some reason doesn’t come (although I expect it to sometime this week), at least with the strike lifted, there are going to be actual jobs that I can go out and compete for, with some confidence that I’ll actually get one of them.

That’s been the most frustrating aspect of all of this: Not only did my job disappear, but 95% of the other jobs that I’m qualified for disappeared as well.

All in all, as much as I enjoy being able to blow off doing my laundry because I can do it in the middle of the day Monday, it’ll be very nice to go back to work and be productive again, as well as seeing all my friends.

At least the end is in sight. Hooray for that, at least.

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