While re-watching the true masterpiece of the Hilariously Bad Disaster Movie genre, TV subdivision, 10.5, a thought occured to me.

Disaster movies are about the only genre in film that makes an effort to have ethnically diverse casting (and unlike action and horror movies, actually keep nonwhite characters alive for more than the first third of the film), ostensibly to “better reflect reality.”

Except that every other aspect of these movies is entirely, and often hilariously, unrealistic. I don’t think I can say it better than I did when this miniseries first aired:

Thermonuclear weapons are used to stabilize something. Because that’s clearly what I do when something needs to be stabilized: Blow it up with the most powerful explosives known to man.

Anyway, I’m not sure why I find that interesting. Well, yes I do.

I think it’s because it’s assumed that the only time the public will accept a diverse cast without question is when we’re also accepting WAY more ridiculous things without question.

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