I worked a gig today at this place I had been planning on working with occasionally until I got re-employed, that sets up moon bounces and other inflatable objects for corporate picnics and the like.

It was, of course, eighty frillion degrees out and very, very sunny, so I applied and re-applied shitloads of sunblock. And guess how much good that did me?

If you guessed “Not one fuckin’ bit,” you are correct.

My legs were the only part that came out unscathed. Even my already pretty damn tan arms got a little singed. But my face…oh dear.

First of all, I was wearing sunglasses. And not little wire-frame ones either, big plastic ones that left me with a racoon burn. And it is a burn. My face and neck are pretty bright red.

I tried to get a picture so you guys could see but my camera phone couldn’t adequately capture the color and my actual camera is currently full of Europe pictures I’m afraid to delete until I have backed them up about eight different times.

So now I’m burned and tired and don’t want to do anything except curl up with a bottle of aloe and try not to think about how much this hurts, and will continue to for some time.

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