Meet The Limpers

Meet George (70 years old). He managed to ski several runs despite a) a pinched nerve that causes chronic back and leg pain and b) falling once on his own, and c) getting plowed into by a snowboarder.

Because of b) and c), he was sore enough that he was not able to ski today. He, however, has good excuses.

Meet Ellen (25 years old), George’s daughter. She skiied two runs yesterday and then came down because a six-month-old ankle injury was bothering her, and upon taking of her ski boot, had her ankle swell to approximately the size of a grapefruit.

She is still limping slightly, and will spend the remainder of her two-week ski vacation…not skiing. She is duly ashamed of being completely outpaced by her father, who, shall she remind you, is seventy goddamn years old.

Coming out of the third person for a moment, I would really not recommend giving yourself an avulsion fracture to anyone.

The orthopedist warned me it’d be at least six months before it was back to normal. Six months and two weeks apparently is not long enough. Bah.

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