Heh 4

Someone very literary-minded at the National Hurricane Center has a healthy sense of irony. Either that or they just want to see a headline that screams “OPHELIA DROWNS 12”.

4 thoughts on “Heh

  1. Reply Nate Sep 8,2005 3:19 pm

    Hey, I’m just glad the current Hurricane Nate is going out to sea and won’t hurt anybody.

  2. Reply Dave Weigel Sep 8,2005 4:11 pm

    From what I hear, Ophelia is less of a major hurricane and more like a tropical depression.

    *drum roll*

  3. Reply Ellen Sep 8,2005 5:11 pm

    I think you mean a rim shot and not a drum roll.

    Nevertheless: Dave Weigel, ladies and gentlemen! He’ll be here all week.

  4. Reply Laz Sep 9,2005 4:21 am

    That bitch better stay away from Myrtle Beach this weekend…

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