Dentist Blues

I went to the dentist for the first time in two years today, which, of course, sucked.

I had a cavity, though it was shallow enough that the dentist could fill it without needing to give me anaesthetic. The painful part came earlier.

You know the little metal plaque scraper the dentist uses to clean your teeth? Well, this guy had this one that was basically vibrating at high speed to get the plaque off better.

Problem was, as much as the regular plaque scraper hurts your gums? Multiply that by about 5 and you get this contraption’s pain factor.

I know I need to floss more, but that was ridiculous. My gums still hurt. If you ever see your dentist coming at you with one of these things, get up out of the chair and run like hell.

Anyway, at least it’s overwith. Except for probably not being used to the filling for the next few weeks. Oh, and the bill. Thaaaaat’ll be fun.

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