I had my inaugural barbecue at my new place today. I bought a nice grill at Home Depot yesterday (yay Home Depot having a Seasonal Sale even though barbecuing never goes out of season here) and broke it in today.

The only problem was I didn’t account for the COLA Flake Factor (COLA = City Of Los Angeles), and bought enough meat for both the people who said they were definitely going to come, and those who said they might be coming.

In reality, I should have bought about half of what I did, if not a third. None of the people who said they might actually showed, and then a bunch of the “Oh, Definitely!” people bailed as well.

In the end it was still quite fun, but I now have enough ground beef and hot dogs in my freezer to feed a small army, and enough beer to keep me drunk for weeks.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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