A New Year’s Excursion

Garfield Minus Garfield My friends Jessica and Dan were kind enough to invite me along when they wound up with an extra ticket to today’s Rose Bowl. The only difficulty was that Northwestern was playing in the Outback Bowl at 8am, and the Rose Bowl was in Pasadena at 1:30pm. I initially figured I’d just ...

And How Was Your Cinco de Mayo?

Did it go a little something like this? I have to say, they got the perfect announcer voice for that. The list of side effects is also great. Courtesy Dave Barry’s Blog.

When I Grow Up

I would like to be this kid.


I had my inaugural barbecue at my new place today. I bought a nice grill at Home Depot yesterday (yay Home Depot having a Seasonal Sale even though barbecuing never goes out of season here) and broke it in today. The only problem was I didn’t account for the COLA Flake Factor (COLA = City ...

Labor Day Weekend, Summed Up In One IM Conversation

Me: my liver is going to be mad at me for DAYS Joel: your liver’s like an abused woman in a lifetime movie Joel: just keeps coming back for more