And Now, Deep Thoughts 3

– There is nothing that will wake a cat owner faster from a dead sleep at 4am than the sound of a cat, even halfway across the house, about to puke.

– When it’s this cold in LA (37 degrees when I left the house yesterday), does that mean hell’s officially frozen over?

– Working on a TV show where every single MRI we show goes bad (to the point where TWoP has nicknamed it “The MRI of DOOOOOOOOOOOM”) makes you more than a little reluctant to schedule medical appointments, even necessary ones, that might result in having to get an MRI.

3 thoughts on “And Now, Deep Thoughts

  1. Reply Nate Jan 17,2007 8:20 pm

    Its still got 5 degrees to go before hell freezes over.

  2. Reply Nate Jan 17,2007 8:21 pm

    Also, at least you have hardwood floors throughout. Try cleaning up cat puke from carpet. They always aim for the carpet and not the wood.

  3. Reply TRoyal Jan 17,2007 10:29 pm

    37 degrees? I remember it hitting 50 one year and mofos scrambling like rats to stock up on food for the inevitable Opening of the Earth that was due to happen next.

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