A Day Of Waffles 3

It started simply, with a link about Waffle House’s 50th anniversary appearing on Fark.

Although I’m far more partial to their waffles and hash browns, it’s interesting to know that almost 2% of the eggs in this country eventually end up at a Waffle House.

Too bad the closest Waffle House to me is in Phoenix. Damn you, Casey!

And then, LAist decided to begin the quest for the perfect waffle in Los Angeles.

Not without reason, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles is mentioned as amongst the best here. Although I think it’s really the perfect combination of grease and sugar that makes it great, and not the waffles on their own.

So of course when I got home, I opened the freezer to get a Healthy Choice frozen dinner…and had waffles instead.

3 thoughts on “A Day Of Waffles

  1. Reply TRoyal Aug 16,2005 3:21 pm


    My God, I feel homesick now.

  2. Reply Emily Aug 16,2005 4:38 pm

    Just the mention of Roscoe’s and I am now starving. Patrick took me there last summer when I visited him and it was incredible.

  3. Reply Casey Aug 17,2005 6:38 am

    One more reason to visit …

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