I had a great money-saving strategy: Eat everything in the house until I had only the elements of food left, then go to the grocery store.

And this morning, all that was left was beer, condiments, salad dressing, and noodles. As my mom rightly surmised, had I run out of beer, I would have gone to the store long ago.

But even with my food supply in such a dire situation, I was stunned at my grocery bill: $165.

I live alone. Well, not totally alone, since I got Chaplin (and that’s my bathroom sink he’s curled up in…weird little guy), but even without the stuff I got for him, it was still over $140.

I buy store brand or whatever’s cheapest. I don’t buy a lot of fruit or vegetables, because I’m never home long enough to eat them before they go bad.

It was simply volume that appeared to get me. I had two humongous loads of groceries to drag up to my apartment today instead of one.

My groceries are normally $80 or less. How did my brilliant plan backfire so horribly?

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