10.5.2: The Revenge

After NBC attacked the West Coast with a hilariously awful earthquake movie, you knew it was only a matter of time before another network picked up on the idea.

But I don’t think anyone thought it’d be picked up on in as ridiculous a fashion as Category 6: Day Of Destruction.

God bless CBS for ratcheting the disaster ridiculousness up a notch. But they should know better than to underestimate the insane people at NBC.

Yes, that’s right, there is a sequel to 10.5 in the works:

[The] Sequel to “10.5” will pick up where the original left off: Parts of California have drifted off into the Pacific Ocean, leaving millions dead or devastated by the destruction. But while shaken survivors might have assumed the worst was over, it turns out the Big One was just the beginning, Lafia said.

“Something’s been triggered and it’s going to move East, demolishing as many set pieces with major landmarks as we can think of,” Lafia said. The sequel “still sticks to the earthquake premise, but enlarges it to include … the full (range) of earthquake-related events.”

That means volcanoes could be reactivated, tsunamis could be triggered and all manner of fresh new hells could be unleashed.

This is going to be a fantastic May for those of us who love hysterically bad movies.

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