Attention 24 Fans 3

If you don’t own Season One on DVD, now would be a really good time to get it. I already jumped on the deal.

I thought it was a mistake, but apparently it’s not. 15 bucks? I’ve paid more for pizza! Anyway, enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Attention 24 Fans

  1. Reply Laz Oct 23,2004 9:09 am

    Anyone who didn’t already own those DVDs should be smacked upside the head. :)

  2. Reply Casey Oct 23,2004 4:42 pm

    I had been meaning to buy the first season forever, but it took that low, low price tag to get me to bite. The discs showed up yesterday, along with the first season of Arrested Development.

    A social life — who needs it?!

  3. Reply Ellen Oct 23,2004 5:14 pm

    What Casey said…except I managed to snag the AD DVDs from work, so mine will be showing up with Futurama Volume 4 instead. God bless being a Hollywood whore! :)

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