Deeeeeeeerunk 3

Special thanks to Nate for driving me around this evening, because I definitely could not have gotten anywhere near this shitfaced without his transportational assistance.

Also, Oktoberfest is a great, great thing. And beers should always come in 32 oz. servings. And be drank in 12 hour shifts.

In addition, if I can continue my 13-year non-puking streak (haven’t puked since food poisoning from bad shrimp when I was 10) after tonight, I’ll be rather surprised.

Consequently, the verbosity of my current situation will melt away and I won’t be able to entertain y’all as much tomorrow when I’m not quite as utterly shitfaced.

Lesson of the day: Alchoholism = Entertainment for all!

Note to self: Amend post tomorrow upon return of sobriety. Or possibly Monday, at current rate of drunken asshattery….

3 thoughts on “Deeeeeeeerunk

  1. Reply Laz Oct 24,2004 7:57 am

    Nice drunken typing. I always have to type everything twice when I’m drunk. :)

    Oh, and I had a 14-year non-puking streak. Then came New Year’s last year, and those little veal thingies. Mmm… little veal thingies…

  2. Reply Ellen Oct 24,2004 8:02 pm

    Thank you, thank you. Although I must say, serves you right for eating veal.

  3. Reply mrs. e. Oct 25,2004 4:32 am

    those veal thingies were tasty. and drunken typing rules. :-)

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