You Would Think…

…that going to Best Buy at 3pm on a Tuesday, it would be at least a little calmer than it generally is around the holidays.

You would apparently be wrong, as evidenced by the HUGE line there when I stopped by to pick up gifts for my cousins this afternoon.

You would also think that since I only moved downstairs in September, a thorough cleaning of my apartment wouldn’t take me two days.

You’d be right in one sense: It’s going to take a third day. Seriously, where the fuck did all this damn dirt and cat hair come from? Chaplin sheds like I live in the jungles of Belize with no air conditioning.

You’d finally think that it would at least be nice to relax a bit when you’re unemployed.

I think you’d be right about that, but between the cleaning and the errands and meeting people for lunch and the other nonsense I have to take care of, I really couldn’t tell you for sure.

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