Netflix + TiVo Update 1

In an update to my earlier post, now that I’ve tried it out….I am DEFINITELY never leaving the house again.

The Battle Royale Begins 3

Today marks the end of my Sprint contract, and the beginning of a technological battle royale. Let’s meet the contestants! IN THE RED CORNER…. The Blackberry 8703e, better known as the Crackberry. A practically indestructible phone on a shittastic network. A phone that I’ve dropped on concrete or asphalt so many times I’ve lost count. ...

Uhhey Ohhey 1

Ihay aymay avehay ottengay ashedsmay ootnighttay orfay eethey irstfay imetay inhay ahay ihleway. Ooyay owknay owhay Ihay etgay ehnway Ihay amhay unkdray. Oopidstay ackJay anielsDay.

Scratch That Itch 1

I can’t tell what the hell is going on anymore with these ridiculous bug bites I’m getting. I keep getting these horrid, hive-like things all over myself, and if I hadn’t had chicken pox when I was three, I’d be concerned I had it now. Most of the time these itches flare up at the ...

Maaaark, Why Do I Do This To Myself? 2

Redeye flights are a tool of the Devil sent straight from the deepest, darkest bowels of the seventh circle of Hell. I make that statement every time I take one, but then the next time I’m booking eastbound flights, I look at how much time I lose with a daytime flight and think, “Fuck it, ...