Viewer Alert 3

If you’re bored, sick, lazy, or just antisocial, watch the Daytime Emmys tonight at 9pm ET on NBC, and root for us!

Ah, friday night awards shows. Is there a better way to depress ratings?

3 thoughts on “Viewer Alert

  1. Reply Mark May 21,2004 7:20 pm

    It’s like they aren’t even trying! It’s like they somehow figure that the only people who would or could possibly watch this awards show are the only people who could or would willing watch the shows they are giving the awards to.

    Hey! Fancy that…

  2. Reply Cleo May 21,2004 8:27 pm

    I’d watch the show, but I have a date. So neh neh neh!

  3. Reply Ellen May 22,2004 12:20 am

    I suspect there’s also the factor that most people who watch daytime television are:

    a) stay-at-home parents
    b) sick/disabled/old or
    c) unemployed

    and most of those people don’t go out on Friday night in the first place.

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