Vegas! 2

Special thanks must go out to Laz and his lovely wife Christin for haranguing me into getting the fuck out of Los Angeles for a couple of days, and letting me crash on the couch in their room at the Encore so my broke ass wouldn’t have to shell out for a hotel room.

I really had a good time, though I’ll admit my legs are a bit sore still from all the walking. We walked from Encore down to New York New York and the MGM Grand, which looks like a 2 mile walk on Google Maps, but GMaps doesn’t account for all the detours you take into and around casinos. Next time I go to Vegas, I’m going to bring a pedometer so I can figure out exactly how far I walk.

I also need to be a bit more careful about how much food I shove down my gullet at a buffet. We went to the excellent Spice Market buffet at Planet Hollywood, and I stuffed my face to such a ridiculous extent that my appetite is still off more than 30 hours later. That’s probably a sign I shouldn’t have eaten that much.

Once again, thanks to Laz and Christin, who had to put up with me doing this for a couple days. The results of all my photography are below in slideshow form or at my flickr.

2 thoughts on “Vegas!

  1. Reply Laz May 1,2009 2:49 pm

    Two miles, my ass! That had to be at least a light year or three.

  2. Reply Ellen May 1,2009 3:05 pm

    Yeah, two miles driving, I’d say at least two and a half each way walking.

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