It’s been a bit since I updated, so I figured I would.

Copenhagen was cold. Really, really cold. The Danish history museum was really interesting but the overriding thing I took away was: Cold.

Berlin was fun, there was a hell of a lot to do. It was a bit disappointing to find all of Unter Der Linden up to about 50 feet before the Brandenburg Gate closed and being ripped up and reconstructed, but it was still cool.

For my birthday we had drinks at this weird little bar where they were basically mocking the stock exchange. It was pretty hilarious.

They had the prices of the beers on a screen, and the more people that bought a beer, the more the price would go up, the fewer, the price would go down.

Then every once in a while they’d have a “Market crash” where there’d be loud music playing and the bartender would ring a bell, and all the prices would drop to their lowest. It was cheesy as hell, but pretty damn funny.

We’re in Prague right now, where we’ve discovered that there are two things to do: 1. Drink. 2. Drink a whole lot more. It’s unbelievable. Half-liters of Pilsner Urquell are the equivelent of 90 cents.

It’s interesting though, there’s not a whole lot else to do. It’s like this town got turned into a tourist trap before it even realized what was happening, and now they’re like, oh, shit…attractions!

Anyway, we’re off to Vienna tonight, more from Austria.

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