Amsterdam 1

We’re finishing up here in Amsterdam. To answer the two questions I know you have:

1. No, we did not get high. I’ve still got a pretty bitchy cold and can’t completely breathe right, so I figured that adding pot smoke to my lungs might be a bit counterproductive. And Mark, being the gentleman that he is, declined to partake when I couldn’t.

2. No, we did not get whores. Although Mark did get propositioned by a woman with the largest, fakest breasts I’ve ever seen.

We’re having a great time, it’s a pretty breakneck pace right now, with a very long trip to Copenhagen tonight, but we do get to spend a couple hours in a random town called Duisberg, which we’re reasonably sure is in Germany.

German Beer! Woo!

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  1. Reply Laz Jun 9,2005 9:01 pm

    Happy Day After Your Birthday, by the way!

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