Tourist Advice

If you go to San Diego, enjoy Silver Strand State Beach, beacuse it’s beautiful.

Just make sure you bring something that can get all the glittery crap off you.

I went down there with Nate today, since he was meeting with fellow owners of his type of car at that beach, and I felt like going to a beach that was not Venice Beach.

So while he and his car buddies enthused about their cars, I went for a swim. Well, I did until I dived wrong into a wave and got flipped upside down and backwards. I figured that was a sign to call it quits for a bit.

But there are gonna be reminders of this trip for a while. I cannot get this fucking silver stuff off. I took a shower, which failed miserably, though I’m going to try again tomorrow morning.

Brushing it off doesn’t work, even though it’s dry now, because it’s got the same kind of sticky quality glitter does.

And really, that’s about as far as my thinking takes me, since I don’t think trying to get it off with a dustbuster is going to do much good.

It takes long enough for me to get regular sand out of my hair, but this thin, flaky, glittery metal shit is going to take forever…hm…metal…

Anybody have a ridiculously oversized magnet?

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