Time Killing Whilst Unemployed

When you’re unemployed, there is an awful, awful lot of time to kill, and you quickly become aware of what ways you best tolerate killing time without falling into a paralyzing boredom. I’ve divided my potential time killers into three categories:

I. Things I Will Do To Kill Time:

  • Read entire contents of internet by 2pm daily.
  • Clear off TiVo at least 2-3 episodes at a time.
  • Watch entire seasons of TV shows on DVD.
  • Swim at least 3km.
  • Bike at least 40 miles.
  • Play the guitar for a bit.

II. Things I Will Reluctantly Do To Kill Time:

  • Force myself to cold-call potential employers (Note: mostly on Mondays).
  • Read something printed on dead trees.
  • Laundry.

III. Things I Will Not Do To Kill Time:

  • Clean up this pigsty.
  • File paperwork that has been piling up for about 18 months.
  • Learn to cook something that does not involve disguising the fact that I can’t cook for shit with copious amounts of cheese.

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