This Is Not My Week 2

First, there was the whole issue of the bad timing of my trip to Atlanta. Then when I came back, the cat decided I was a chew toy.

Now, we have the trifecta: Disease!

All my Atlanta-based relatives came over for brunch on Sunday afternoon, and I got to hold Elias, my 5-month old nephew, who I hadn’t yet met.

Elias was kind enough to sneeze directly in my face, covering me in baby spit. I asked if he’s been sick lately and his parents chose that point to tell me “Oh…uh, yeah, he’s got a cold.”

I thought I’d managed to avoid Sneezing Baby Disease when I felt fine all day Sunday and all day yesterday. I woke up this morning feeling shittier than usual, but shrugged it off.

Then when I got to work, I got into a steep downward spiral, rapidly losing energy and the ability to even hold myself upright.

I couldn’t even finish half of my lunch. Anyone who knows me (or has seen my Wide Load ass) knows that’s a big old red flag. I decided to go home.

I emailed my parents to let them know, and pointed out to my dad the potential red flag of Elias sneezing on me.

I got an email back within 20 minutes: Max, Elias’ older brother, had just tested positive for strep throat. I immediately went to the bathroom mirror and looked at my tonsils, which were huge.

So I called the doctor to try and set up an appointment to get a strep test, and after a long and ridiculous argument trying to get myself in to get tested today, they gave me the first appointment tomorrow.

Of course, given the way this week has been going, I’ll probably turn out to have malaria instead.

2 thoughts on “This Is Not My Week

  1. Reply km Aug 16,2006 5:08 am

    hey, while you’re home, play with your damn cat 😉

  2. Reply TRoyal Aug 16,2006 6:15 pm

    Antibiotics, here you come!
    Mine cleared up in a couple of days. Your mileage may vary – wich means you’ll be cool in 24 hours.

    /good vibes

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