Things I Should Have Read Before The Holidays 2

The Modern Drunkard Magazine Guide To Surviving The Holidays, particularly this section:

Don’t let the stress overwhelm you.

If you ever feel as if you’re going to freak out, do this little exercise: Stop whatever you’re doing, take a deep breath, then transport yourself to that special place where you are most happy. Raise one hand in the air and affirm to yourself, “I am a good person and deserve to be happy.” Then go ahead and wave your hand a little until you get the bartender’s attention.

That would have been helpful any number of times this winter…

2 thoughts on “Things I Should Have Read Before The Holidays

  1. Reply mrs. e. Jan 3,2005 4:12 am

    i need to print out this list. and bookmark that site. and share it with my fellow drunkards…but preferably while drinking with them. :-)

  2. Reply Ellen Jan 3,2005 6:39 am

    Modern Drunkard is the bestest magazine ever. Utterly hilarious.

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