Rearranged 2

I spent most of this New Year’s Day cleaning my apartment and rearranging half of it.

I was spurred to this action by my cat’s decision to shit all over the place while I was out of town, but it definitely made me do some needed cleaning.

Anyone who has seen my apartment (all two of you, so far as I know, that read this) will be moderately stunned to hear that it’s almost completely clean.

I had to steam-clean the carpets (thanks, Rug Doctor!) beacuse of the cat, but also because of me.

Until I bought a new vacuum last week, I had been incredibly bad about vacuuming. Dragging a 2×4 around to make the lines would have produced approximately the same cleaning results as my old vacuum.

So steam-cleaning it was. And because I had to steam-clean vast swaths of carpet, I had to move half the shit in my apartment around anyway, so I figured it was time for a change.

I pretty much flip-flopped the back half of my bedroom, moving my bed where my desk used to be and vice-versa.

I did it mostly so if the cat decides to shit where the bed used to be (where he had been going before), I don’t have to move as much stuff to clean it.

I’m really, really, REALLY hoping he decides to just go in the damn box from here on out. I’m so tired of cleaning cat shit, I’m running out of adjectives to describe my exasperation.

And though he did leave a nice gift on the bathmat for me this morning, I’m hoping that’s just because he was mad at me for leaving him in the bathroom for a couple days while I cleaned the entire apartment.

That, and making him take pills. The vet gave me two pills to give him to de-worm him the last time I brought him to the vet, and let me tell you, I moved my whole apartment around today twice, and getting a cat to take two pills is MUCH harder.

For now, I’m just hoping he behaves, and that the next time I come home half-drunk, I don’t try to flop down on my desk.

2 thoughts on “Rearranged

  1. Reply Kim Jan 3,2005 1:28 am

    Do you have a pill shooter for the cat? Saves fingers.

    Also, did you ask the vet if they have it in a liquid form? Saves blood.

    Also Also, wrap the cat up in a towel where his front paws are secure. Or, as Nick calls it, a kitten burrito.

    More info learned the hard way. Good luck!

  2. Reply Ellen Jan 3,2005 6:42 am

    No, I did it the old fashioned way. No blood, although I was covered in cat hair since Chaplin sheds like crazy when he’s freaked out. And I don’t think there’s a liquid de-wormer. He took the pills and kept ’em down. Hopefully they’re the last ones I’ll have to give him.

    I may try that kitten burrito thing next time, though…

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