The Value Of A Newspaper These Days

The LA Dodgers are playing the St. Louis Cardinals in the baseball playoffs right now, and as per usual, the mayor of St. Louis and the mayor of LA are making the traditional Stupid Food bets.

There are two twists to this one: First, the bets are, of course, occurring on Twitter – Villaraigosa‘s items are spread out over several tweets and a linked photo, and the mayor of St. Louis’ items are so abbreviated as to be almost entirely incomprehensible (the LA Times somehow translates his list as: Toasted ravioli, a build-a-bear, and a Twitter t-shirt).

You might have noticed, however, that Villaraigosa eagerly threw in one more thing: The L.A. Times.

Yes, that’s right, my many journalistic and formerly journalistic friends, one of the largest newspapers in the country is now being placed (albeit half-jokingly) on the same level as toasted ravioli and a gigantic burrito.

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