The Torture of 24 Time Zones 1

Mark and I are both obsessed with 24.

Mark lives in Chicago. I live in Los Angeles, and despite actually working on the Fox Lot, do not have access to the east coast feed of 24.

This results in text message exchanges like the following text messages, which were exchanged between 6:34pm and 7:04pm yesterday:

Mark: Holy shit. 24. Holy Shit. U will shit your load. [uh…what?]

Ellen: Damn you. It’s not on for another 3 hours here!

Mark: Holy Fuck!

Mark: this is incredible.

Ellen: It’s just going to be Jack driving to Pasadena for an hour, isn’t it?

Mark: No, it starts with jack going door to door saving america. But then. holy shit.

Ellen: Damn you, how many times must I tell you, TELL ME NOTHING!!!

6:55pm [arrived 7:04pm]
Mark: aaagh! Awesome!

Mark: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Having now watched the episode, I can say Mark is absolutely right. I would never, ever have believed him. And yet I believed every second of the show when I watched it.

Sweet lord, this show is awesome.

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  1. Reply Laz Jan 24,2007 5:24 am

    I can always tell how good an episode of 24 is by the amount and duration of the times I have to pause the TiVo to allow myself the HOLY SHIT moment. That was a loooooooong pause.

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