Spot The Hole In The Logic! 4

Having taken Chaplin to the vet and determined that his tendency to use me as a chew toy isn’t caused by any underlying medical issue, the vet suggested putting him on Prozac for a couple of months.

Let me repeat that: In order to get my cat to stop biting me, I have to make him take a pill every day.

Anyone who has ever owned a cat, particularly anyone who has ever tried to make a cat take a pill, please feel free to point out the problem with this idea.

4 thoughts on “Spot The Hole In The Logic!

  1. Reply Laz Aug 18,2006 5:40 am

    I had to give Casey pills for three weeks once for stomach problems, and liquid medicine for a different three-week span when he had a hotspot and had his satellite dish helmet on.

    The liquid was easy – stick a plastic syringe in his mouth.

    For the pills, putting it in gooey food didn’t work (for my dog, we just stuffed a pill in a snausage). So I literally had to shove it down his throat – stick a finger on either side of his mouth so he’d open up, then cram the pill with my other hand as far back on his tongue as I could, then clamp his mouth shut with one hand and rub his throat until he swallowed. Let me tell ya – he LOVED me for those three weeks. Oy. Good luck.

    (btw – PROZAC FOR A CAT? WTF?!)

  2. Reply Ellen Aug 18,2006 5:54 am

    Yes, Prozac for a cat. It’s actually human Prozac, the smallest tabs they make cut in half. I had to go pick it up at the pharmacy and everything. I was a bit embarassed to tell the pharmacist who “Chaplin Shapiro” was when she couldn’t find a date of birth or phone number for him.

    Although she did mention that someone had come in and gotten over $100 of medicine for their dog, so I felt a bit better, not being alone in the Crazy Owners of Crazy Pets club.

  3. Reply Tim Aug 18,2006 5:59 pm

    Once upon a time it looked likely that my cat was going to be prescribed Prozac for having Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. She never got quite bad enough for the vet to actually write the scrip, but she’s still not “cured.”

  4. Reply km Aug 20,2006 11:44 pm

    Vote No on Cat Doping!
    Vote Yes on Roomba!

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