Spain: Preface

I’m going through all of my photos and writing from Spain, trying to collect everything into something resembling coherence. It’s a little harder than I thought, mostly due to the fact that between jetlag and the intensity of my touristing, I was fucking exhausted for most of the trip.

A few notes about these little travelogue pieces before they start going up (hopefully tomorrow):

  • Until I get to Córdoba, a few days into the trip, all of these posts were actually written while I was in Spain – mostly tapped out on my iPad or iPhone while I was on long train or bus rides, or when I couldn’t sleep because of jetlag. I’ve corrected some spelling errors and tenses (I thought I was going to be able to post as I went, but I was just too exhausted), but mostly they’re exactly what I was thinking while I was going around.
  • Unfortunately, everything after Córdoba is going to have to rely on my slightly fuzzy memory, since at that point the touristing went into about 11th gear and I was just too tired to keep writing. I’m kicking myself for not writing those cities up on the plane back to NYC, but at that point I was so burnt out with travel insanity (you’ll read why when you get to the Barcelona post) that I just wanted to veg.
  • Everything’s going to be broken down city by city. This should work fairly well since I didn’t spend more than 3 days in any single city. Pictures will go up on Flickr first, then I’ll try to link photos throughout each post at the relevant points.
  • This will probably take a while – I’m still in school and my classes this quarter are a bit more intense than they were last quarter. However, this is an excellent excuse to procrastinate, so we’ll see how those two factors balance out.

I hope you guys enjoy all this – I’ll post a wrap-up when this is all done, but the bottom line is: Get to Spain as soon as you have a chance. It’s awesome.

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