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I absolutely adore Six Feet Under. It’s really ironic, since I’m scared shitless of death, but that’s a post for another day. Today, we’re discussing television.

It’s a fascinating show, and I just blew through all of the second season DVDs in three days. My new all-time favorite monologue in television history is uttered in the third episode of the season.

Ruth, the widowed matriarch, has been dragged to “The Plan”, a dippy self-actualization group that’s all house metaphors and no action, by her screaming queen co-worker Robbie.

The leader of the group senses Ruth’s tendency to try and please everyone by refusing to rock the boat, and presses her to complain about something, anything.

Ruth (a generally reserved woman), who sunk a good chunk of money and many hours of sitting in uncomfortable chairs into this group, snaps:

You want me to complain? All right, then. Fuck this. Fuck you. Fuck all of you with your sniveling self-pity. And fuck all your lousy parents. Fuck my lousy parents while we’re at it. Fuck my selfish bohemian sister and her fucking bliss. Fuck my legless grandmother. Fuck my dead husband. And my lousy children with their nasty little secrets. And fuck you, Robbie, for dragging me to this terrible place and not letting me have a Snickers bar. I’m going to get something to eat!

The dialogue is genius, but Frances Conroy’s delivery (particularly of “Fuck my legless grandmother”) is absolutely priceless.

If you don’t watch the show, steal the DVD from your SFU-obsessed friends, it’s worth just watching this scene. Of course, you should steal the entire set (along with the first season) and watch the whole show, but I’ll start you with baby steps.

5 thoughts on “Six Feet Under

  1. Reply Cleo Jul 12,2004 7:59 pm

    OK, did you SEE last night’s episode? Between Brenda’s bedtime exploits, Nate intruding on said exploits, Keith and David having a normal healthy relationship, and Ruth befriending her stepson who sent her poo in the mail… I can’t really speak. I think I shouted at the TV every five minutes or so.

  2. Reply Laz Jul 13,2004 1:53 am

    I love Six Feet Under. Love it, love it, love it.

    And now that Lisa’s drowned, eaten away by the sea and buried unprotected under a tree, it’s even better.

  3. Reply Ellen Jul 13,2004 6:37 am

    I will admit, this last season hasn’t been quite as stellar as previous ones (particularly the first two), but it’s still much better than everything else on TV right now.

  4. Reply Jamie Jul 23,2004 4:26 pm

    Six Feet Under is like cocaine. I rented the first two seasons starting on Monday and I only have five episodes left to watch.

    This much tv can’t be healthy.

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