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Please, please, please vote, even if you’re not in a swing state. If only to prove the ultimate stupidity of the Electoral College, please vote.

And please, if you live in a state that’s trying to write discrimination against gays into its Constitution, please, vote against that. I’d appreciate it as a personal favor.

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  1. Reply Kim Nov 2,2004 7:09 pm

    I voted to not retain the judges who received an unfavorable rating from the Gay/Lesbian monitoring group. Hooray!

  2. Reply Mark Nov 2,2004 9:58 pm

    Hello, Devil’s advocate here.

    That viewpoint just doesn’t make any sense. What does popular vote turnout have to do whatsoever with the Electoral College? And how does it prove the ultimate stupidity of it? It doesn’t…it just shows that people can win populous states by large majorities.

    Nobody will ever get rid of the college, because no 38 states would commit political suicide to do so. Think of the money Ohio is getting right now. And small states need it because they get disproportional representation for it. As a Californian, you of all people should see that.

    So let’s all just get used to having elections hinge on certain states. Remember, if we learned anything from 2000, it’s that every vote counts–as long as it’s cast in West Palm Beach.

    In other news, Proposition 3 in Utah (banning same-sex marriage) looks to pass with 95% of the vote.

  3. Reply Laz Nov 2,2004 10:31 pm

    Silly gays. Rights are for straights! 😛

  4. Reply Ellen Nov 3,2004 4:04 am

    Thanks Mark, now I want to kill myself. You really know how to perk up spirits!

  5. Reply Nate Pence Nov 3,2004 5:37 am

    I think I’d want to kill myself without Mark, thanks…

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